We want to celebrate the people of the city.
We are growing a virtual bookshelf for Dublin, that represents the lives, families and culture of the people that call Dublin home.

Our City Our Books is a website and programme that shares suggestions of books cherished by people in Dublin. We collect recommended reads from people, connecting communities of readers with the books that have shaped the lives of those who live here.

Our City, Our Books is brought to you by Dublin City LIbraries. The project was originally made in partnership with Dublin City Council Culture Company.

You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.

Ray Bradbury, American Author

Dublin City Libraries are trusted places that nurture curiosity so that opportunity, ambition and imagination flourish, with the mission to provide quality services for its citizens and visitors and act to protect and promote Dublin’s distinct identity in a way that acknowledges our past and secures our future.

The core principles that will guide the continued growth and development of Dublin City Public Libraries emanate from an organisational culture with a strong social inclusion and customer service ethos. A cornerstone of our ambition is the provision of welcoming spaces where people are free to access materials and seek guidance on anything that allows a spirit of discovery and life-long learning to flourish at all stages of life. We recognise the inherent value of reading and literacy in expanding life chances, and we also encourage everyone to enjoy reading to relax and discover different worlds.

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To find out more about Our City Our Books, please contact us at libraries@dublincity.ie

Dublin City Council Culture Company runs cultural initiatives and buildings across the city with, and for, the people of Dublin.

We collaborate with people, communities, cultural organisations, businesses, and Dublin City Council to embed cultural experiences and increase cultural participation throughout Dublin.

Dublin City Council Culture Company was incorporated in March 2018. Our vision is for a Dublin where culture connects everyone and everything. Our mission is to connect people through culture and conversation to ignite imaginations and experiences.

Find out more at: dublincitycouncilculturecompany.ie

Share Your Favourites?

We want to hear about the books that matter to you. Tell us about your most cherished books, what you’re reading right now, your favourite book from your childhood, and the books that make up the story of your life. Share your recommended reads and take part here

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