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Books can transport us anywhere. There are those that bring us to places that feel familiar conjuring memories within us, and those that take us to places we have yet to visit bringing other cultures vividly to life. Here are some of your favorites…

This is a really fascinating sociological study of the contents of people's houses on a random London street. It really changed and enriched my understanding of people's relationships with their possessions.

Brian Crowley , Dolphin's Barn

Stories of a Scottish coastal town, Dundee. Not dissimilar to where I grew up in North Berwick. The book offers insights into small town people, dealing with change and modern life.

Verity Combe , Dublin 8

An account of a marriage of a 19 year old girl in an orthodox Jewish Community in London.

Siobhan Kilroy , Dublin 15

This depicts Ireland, particularly small town Ireland, really well. It's accessible but says a lot about our culture, telling one story arising from the recent recession from a number of different perspectives.

Caroline Sullivan , Ringsend

Set during the lockout in 1913, it covers every class, situation and attitude of the Irish people and some English at that time.

Aisling O'Reilly , Islandbridge

Just lovely. A beautifully written book about a culture I know nothing about.

Bea Kelleher , Dublin 4

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