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Discover Dublin’s most cherished book. From the classics, to beloved children’s stories and everything in between. Here are some of the books that have left an impression on you, the one you keep coming back to time and time again. These are Dublin’s favourite books….

I always loved historical novels as a child (still do) and I found her aloneness in the world so frightening but her heroism so inspiring.

Emma Home , Kimmage

It was a stark insight into the lives of women in Ireland in that time ... these women fought the expectations forced upon 'girls' of every era to become the brave new women who've influenced us today.

Karen Walshe , Dolphin's Barn

I love the sheer drama in this book and it is my guilty pleasure over Christmas to sit with it, in deep deep peace, with an endless supply of tea and read it from cover to cover. Every year.

Bea Kelleher , Dublin 4

This book was beautiful. Simply stunning. It was open, vulnerable and human.

Ronan Brady , Dublin

Everything a novel should be!

Síle , Harolds Cross

This is a comfort read, I loved the film as a child and my dad would read parts of this out to me as a child

Kathy Conlon , Blanchardstown

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