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Dublin’s most used books

We all have that book that's seen better days, battered from being taken off the shelf over and over again. It could be a food stained favourite cookbook, or an instruction manual, or even just a book that you’ve loved reading so much that you keep going back to it. Here are some of Dublin’s most used books….

My first poetry book, it's more romantic than how my poetry tastes developed - but yet I've returned to it time and time again.

Linda Devlin , Darndale

I was given a hardback copy for my twelfth birthday and it's absolutely destroyed at this stage - I love it, I re-read it over the summer and was surprised at the amount of new things I discovered.

Eoin Williams , Dublin 15

My copy is wrecked from bringing it everywhere I go. It's my comfort book.

Lisa Corr , Islandbridge

I love the community around the book, the readings, the costumes, the plays. Parts of the book are unreadable, other parts endlessly rewarding.

Conor Humphries , Dublin 8

It has all the traditional recipes my mother used and as well as that recipes on preserves, sauces and baking that are coming more and more into vogue.

Helen Dredge , Inchicore

Crossword puzzle solver. World travel planner. Daydream encourager. A work of art.

Vivienne Luke , Rathmines

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