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Nigel Slater writes, “Forget salt and pepper, garlic and lemon.The most successful seasoning for what we eat is a good pinch of nostalgia.” I wonder if this is also true of the books we loved as children?

Mention Enid Blyton to practically any grown up and they will chime in with memories of midnight feasts, adventures and picnics with lashings and lashings of ginger beer. However, it was, in fact, lashings and lashings of hard boiled eggs. This probably represented a feast for post war children and families coming out of rationing.

The Famous Five, regardless of what adventure was unfolding, what mystery needed to be solved or what villain needed to be locked up, strictly adhered to mealtimes. After all, what's an adventure without a picnic? There was always new crusty bread accompanied by slabs of butter and jugs of creamy milk. This simple fare takes on wonderfully delicious qualities through Enid Blyton’s descriptions. And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the magical possibilities of the pop cakes ‘oozing with honey’ and ‘porridge drizzled with thick cream and golden syrup’ enjoyed by the children in The Magic Faraway Tree.

This fascination with food in fiction continues into adulthood. Food and books have a special effect on us as humans - they feed our bodies, our senses and our souls. During the past few months some people rediscovered a love for both and others may need to reconnect. Do you have a favourite cookery book, a novel or a biography that comforts you or ignites your passions - please join with us during our next Tea & Chats and Culture Club Sessions.


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