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The Our City Our Books book of the month selection for May is Irish writer Sara Baume’s non-fiction debut, Handiwork.

Written in the aftermath of her father’s death, Handiwork is filled with beautiful observations on birds, on grief, and on the artistic process.

Described as “a complemplative and lyrical narrative reflecting on art, nature, grief and life”, the book sees Baume combining her twin passions of writing and sculpture.

“By 2017, I was so tired of the dust-warped glow of my laptop screen, its crumb-jammed keys, the squeaky wheel of my office chair. Instead, I felt compelled to work with my hands – to cast off the desk and resurrect my tool box - I longed to silently make small objects that were concerned with form, feel and colour; that I could touch, hold and smell; that nobody else saw or cared about.”

Although written before the pandemic, the book’s timely themes will no doubt resonate with readers who recall the strange quietness that brought the sounds of birdsong sharply into focus last spring.

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