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A powerful collection of essays that traverses subjects such as feminism, addiction, families, and depression - all of which are broached with raw and uncompromising honesty. This startling debut introduces us to Emilie Pine as a brave new voice full of grace, compassion, and truth.

September often feels like the turning of a page, the beginning of a new chapter.

It’s the season that seems to lend itself to reflection and remembering, and in this strange year, that seems more true than ever. So it seemed apt that when we turned to our reader recommendations to find a book for September, one that stood out was the often mentioned Notes to Self by Emilie Pine.

Pine has said of this startlingly honest collection of personal essays, that she wrote it “to unlock the code of silence that I kept for so many years … so that I can, at last, feel present in my own life.”

An extraordinary debut, Notes to Self has garnered widespread praise and was the winner of The Butler Literary Award 2018.

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