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Meet Anabella, Luciana, Macarena and Agustina, from Alma Café, Portobello...

Alma: Food for the soul

Anabella, Alma Café, Portobello. Photographer, Senija Topcic

Anabella, Alma Café, Portobello. Photographer, Senija Topcic

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

Alma is a small family shop in the centre of beautiful Portobello, taking a step sideways from traditional breakfast culture. Together with our chef and local producers, we aim to craft uniquely unforgettable experiences offering people an opportunity to explore and try a little bit of Argentina.

Alma means soul in Spanish but it also stands for the initials of the four daughters in the family: Anabella, Luciana, Macarena and Agustina.

Moving over from Argentina and living in Dublin for a few years has taught us so much about food. Although Ireland is a small country it is on such an incredible growing culinary journey which is also why we decided to put together a seasonal menu featuring local Irish produce with Argentinian flavours. Alma’s small contemporary menu shifts with each season depending on the local growers and their products.

Alma, 12 South Circular Road, Portobello, Dublin.

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