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All of a sudden, September is here and a new chapter of the year begins ...

September: A change of season

Photo: Joanna Kosinska

Photo: Joanna Kosinska

Every year around this time I begin to wonder where the summer has gone. This year, has been stranger than most and I have completely lost track of time. The shops are full of back to school necessities and still invoke that sinking feeling.

I can hear you shouting that it’s only the beginning of September, that there are still possibilities in the last few drops of summer to be squeezed out and that of course there could still be an Indian summer. And while I too cling on to the last bit of light, eating and reading outside until it fades, I secretly welcome that Autumnal nip in the air as I wrap up a bit more.

“It’s never easy to say when the change takes place. The smoky afternoons can arrive gradually or suddenly, usually around the third week of September. You begin to notice that it isn’t just the light that’s different at 4pm, but the texture of the air, too. It becomes gauzy, it smells different as well; there’s a sweet woodiness and a dampness. You want to make soup and tarts and to crave apples and pears“ How To Eat a Peach, Diana Henry

Soon the evenings will draw in earlier and there’s permission to close the curtains, light the fire, pour the tea and open a big book. Soon there will be early nights and lazy weekends with books in bed. I may be in the minority but I definitely prefer the second half of the year.

September is a great time for readers. Book Clubs will reunite, share stories of holidays and summer reads and settle on new titles for the coming months. The big question facing them this year is whether they can meet in person or will it have to be a virtual event? September also sees the start of books flooding into the bookshops leading up to Christmas and you can start making your list. (I know!)

It’s a time of the year that is full of anticipation and the sense of a new beginning, a blank page to be filled. Unlike January, though, it is a time to take on rather than give up - to add richness and comfort. It’s also a time that seems to lend itself to reflection and remembering and it seemed fitting that when we turned to our [readers’ surveys] to find a recommendation for September, one that stood out was Notes to Self by Emilie Pine. Emilie has said of this startlingly honest collection of essays, that she wrote it “to unlock the code of silence that I kept for so many years … so that I can, at last, feel present in my own life.” While this book will resonate with many Irish women, it has also made an impact on Irish men. We are looking forward to having interesting discussions around this and other memoirs this September. Finally a word of warning from Anne Enright “Do not read this book in public: it will make you cry.”

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